REVEALED: How I Get 8.7% to 12.4% Returns Owning Real Estate

With all the things you have to fill your busy days with now, the last thing you have time for is researching real estate, driving to potential investment properties, paying for inspections, taking out mortgages, finding tenants, unclogging toilets… I could go on and on!

Since I have gone down this path already and want to save you the headache, I want to share how you can get between 8.7% and 12.4% returns by investing in real estate from your couch! 

Invest in million-dollar deals without writing million-dollar checks (I invested just $500 in my first deal)!

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"Regardless of your net worth, you can now benefit from real estate’s unique potential for generating consistent cash flow and long-term appreciation. This is a level of real estate investing that was previously reserved for only the wealthiest investors and institutions."

Real Estate Syndication

Ever wonder who can afford apartment complexes, national corporate buildings (like McDonalds or CVS), or skyscraper office buildings? If you are thinking “MILLIONAIRES ONLY of course” then your answer would be incorrect. 

Real Estate Syndication enables anyone to invest in these types of assets! 

I invest in a diversified portfolio of real estate located throughout the United States that the syndicate identifies, acquires, and manages on my behalf. Remember, NO landlord duties for you!

You earn returns primarily in two ways:

A. Via quarterly distributions (typically between 8.7% to 12.4% returns)

B. Via appreciation in the value of the asset (i.e. your shares of the investment)

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Real Estate Investing Returns Bewteen

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