Do you own your home?

Do you have space on your lot to build an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)?

Interested in a Garage Conversion to a rental unit that will produce monthly recurring income?



What does REsynd.co do?

We are an ADU specialist! We help you every step of the way, whether if you are building a new ADU on your home lot or if you are converting your garage into a rental unit. We’ve managed it all since 2009, from organizing contractors, to plans, engineering, permits, and designing, to completing your Garage Conversion or Accessory Dwelling Unit as quickly as possible.

How will I pay for the ADU?

We work with top-rated lenders to provide financing for your ADU or garage conversion. Our goal is to get you a loan that is much less than the amount of rental income you will make each month from your new rental unit! Make sure to read this article on our top two loan suggestions for ADUs: https://resynd.co/heloc-vs-personal-loan-for-home-improvement

Where are you located? Does this work in my city/state?

Our office is based in Los Angeles, but we have helped homeowners nationwide with their ADU. We have team members in every major city in the country! Contact us in the form above today!

How much money will I make on my ADU? 

This question can simply be answered with “it depends”… Some people go for high-end finishings in their ADU or garage conversion. Some neighborhoods will demand a higher rent. But I can provide you with some example numbers.  First off, is space! As a rule of thumb, a studio ADU is the size of a single car garage or 14’x22′. A one bedroom ADU is the size of a 2 car garage or 22’x22′. So rent can vary between a studio and one bedroom apartment, but in a city like Los Angeles, I have clients getting up to $2,000 per month for their one-bedroom ADUs. At the time of writing this, a studio in LA on average rents for $1600 per month, so we will use this for our math.

A garage conversion costs on average +/-$50,000 (learn more about funding your ADU with a HELOC or Personal Loan here). So a $50,000 home equity loan (HELOC) at a 5% fixed rate and 25-year term equals a $292 monthly payment. $1600 – $292 = $1,308 extra income each month! What would you do with that extra cash?